PM 605 Waldorf University Application of 3D Printing in Medical Field The Hip Joint Capstone Write minimum 2000 words based on the attached instructionsMak

PM 605 Waldorf University Application of 3D Printing in Medical Field The Hip Joint Capstone Write minimum 2000 words based on the attached instructionsMake sure to include all the requirementsNO PLAGIARISM ALLOWED! project topic: The Application of 3D printing in medical field——The hip joint Assessment Task Information
Assessment title:
Project Plan
Module Name:
Project Management
Module Code:
Tutor’s Name:
Noor Farouqa
Assessment will be set in:
Assessment is due in:
End of Module
Assessment weighting:
Assessment Task Instructions:
Core Task:
You should produce a Report that includes the documents required to manage the project for your chosen
emerging-technology product, initiative, service or event.
You should write a detailed report covering the key stages of your project. You should explain the purpose and
project benefit of each of the documents below.
Your plan must include:
Project Management Plan
Project Initiation Document
Gantt chart
Critical Path Analysis
Communication strategy
Project governance
Success metrics
Risk register
Your report should have the following sections:
• Introduction. This should explain what your product is and your chosen method of project management
• Running the project. You should explain how the project goes from an idea to completion. Include purpose
and benefits of the key documents
• After the project. This should explain what steps will follow the closing of the project (including timescales).
You should also include a reflection on where the major obstacles would be in completing this project – if
you were going to project manage this in the real world would you do it the same way?
• Appendices. The documents listed above should be included.
Theory and/or task resources required for the assessment:
You must find relevant sources independently, in addition to the resources given in class.
Your plan must include the following theoretical frameworks and concepts:
➢ Project life cycle.
➢ Project Management: phased development, prototype approach, and agile methods.
➢ Planning – including Critical Path Networks and Gannt charts.
➢ Time, scope and cost management approaches.
➢ Risk analysis.
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Communication process model.
Quality Assurance.
Organisational structures.
You are expected to use appropriate software for creating your Gantt chart.
Assessment reference style:
You should refer to a minimum of 5 sources in addition to the course textbook.
You must include a Harvard style reference list at the end of your plan. A full bibliography is NOT required.
Learning Outcomes Assessed:
The following learning outcomes are assessed in this task:

Identify and analyse current gaps in the technology market in your own subject.
Apply knowledge of phased development, prototype approaches or agile methods to select the most
appropriate method for the proposed project.
Generate a project plan which outlines project goals, constraints, deliverables and resource requirements
for a given set of stakeholders.
Submission Requirements:

You must type your assessment in Arial font 11, with 1.5 spacing.
You must submit the assessment electronically via Turnitin on the VLE module page.
Assessments submitted after the submission deadline may incur penalties or may not be accepted.
Assessment Mark:
Your assessment will be marked using the following criteria:
Task Achievement and Analysis (70%)
• Task achievement – how well you addressed the task, how you developed your ideas and how you
showcased your knowledge, and critical evaluation, of:
➢ Introduction – Is the project and project management method clearly explained?
➢ Running a project – Are the activities in each stage clearly described and explained? Are the
required documents and their benefit to effective project management discussed?
➢ After the project – Is your closing strategy well thought out and practical? Have you reflected on
the obstacles that might occur if this project was to be run in the real world?
➢ Appendices – Are all of the documents completed to a high standard?
Support (20%)
• Use of sources/support – how well you used examples and literature to support the ideas in your plan, and
how relevant your sources are.
Academic Organisation and Style (10%)

Whether you formatted your plan appropriately, organised your ideas coherently, used appropriate
academic language and whether sources were cited accurately.
You will receive a mark for each weighted section and your overall mark will be calculated as a percentage mark (0100%).
Assessment Feedback:
Your tutor will mark the assessment and provide you with a written feedback sheet. You can use this
feedback to guide your further learning on the module.
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