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| November 23, 2015
  • Read your peers’ discussion posts and respond to at least two of them. What insights can you share regarding additional uses of Bloom’s Taxonomy or other critical thinking skills and strategies related to your peers’ interests in psychology?

    Be sure to provide substantive responses to help your peers build on their learning and reference any relevant assigned readings, additional resources, or professional literature to support your response.


Bloom’s Taxonomy framework is used to develop and organize ideas by making us think critically about how we are developing and organizing our ideas. A strength in this framework is the way it breaks down the thinking process. The steps for thinking allows for us readers to reflect on how research information is being processed in our minds, therefore, paving the way to honing our writing skills.

While reading I thought of a few things that weren’t thorough in the explanations of the framework, which I thought more of a downside rather than a weakness were the following statements: about reaching the level of Analysis, “students…no longer need to rely on the source author’s own conclusions, they can reach conclusions on their own…” (Granello, 2001, p. 296). This statement, in my opinion, is a double-edged sword because in order to reach a solid conclusion, a lot of researching and reading must be done, and how much of it varies on the topic being researched. I don’t think it is easy to reach a solid/valid conclusion on our own unless we are thoroughly familiarized with the topic we are writing about. Another downside of this framework is the time and work that needs to be invested in order to reach and “master” the Evaluation level of Bloom’s Taxonomy. Granello (2001) stated, “They make distinctions between research and conceptual articles and between conclusions drawn from research, from experience or from opinion”, (p. 297).  It is clear that reaching this level will take time. As a graduate student, what this means for me is that I might reach this level of effectiveness in analyzing and writing towards the end of my program with a lot of practice.

A critical thinking strategy that is relevant to me is reaching out to others for ideas. It is true the old saying “two heads think better than one”. Strategies are always addressed in a singular manner but there will always be times when discussing a topic or a problem with others you know have information on the matter will always make things clearer and bring about more possibilities for a solution, especially in the field of psychology. A clear example is what we do here when we read each other’s discussions and we think, “Oh, yeah! Why didn’t I think of that?”, or “Wait, that’s not what I understood”. Then we ask for clarifications and we learn something new.

As a practitioner-scholar in the field of psychology, Bloom’s Taxonomy will help me become more stringent about the articles I find and might use during research. Also, it will help me self-reflect on my writing skills, especially when my goal is to become a researcher. Reaching the Evaluation level is my ultimate goal, but at the same time, once I reach that level, it will be an ongoing developmental process as the field continues to advance as well.

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