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| November 23, 2015

Read your peers’ discussion posts and respond to at least two of them. What insights can you share regarding additional uses of Bloom’s Taxonomy or other critical thinking skills and strategies related to your peers’ interests in psychology?

Be sure to provide substantive responses to help your peers build on their learning and reference any relevant assigned readings, additional resources, or professional literature to support your response.

Bloom’s Taxonomy has a wealth of information that can be utilized to assist individuals in both educational and professional settings. Strengths I found when viewing the presentation was that it can be applied when analyzing problems, synthesizing key principles and theories, when seeking to develop appropriate questions for decision making skills, and when evaluating situations pertinent to job descriptions or educational pursuits. It also helps with cognitive abilities, ethical considerations, and coordination when completing various projects in either forum.  Bloom’s Taxonomy is important to understanding terminology and applications that promote effective ideas by helping the student predict, compare, contrast or interpret data. I would say that the only weakness in Bloom’s taxonomy is that it neglects to assert that this system can also be used in everyday life situations, and when dealing directly with diverse populations in society as well.


I can use Bloom’s Taxonomy as a practitioner-scholar in the field of psychology, and as a graduate learner to help me to move towards becoming a pure scholar. Following the principles will allow me to function better when dealing with critical situations that require in-depth thinking and decision making.  Beyond being able to interpret, analyze, evaluate and infer, strong critical thinkers will be able to do two more things. They can explain what they think, and how they arrived at that judgment. And, they can apply their powers of critical thinking to themselves and improve on their previous opinions (Facione, 2015). I will be able to enhance my abilities to look past the surface of an issue and break barriers that may limit my ability to find solutions to difficult problems in many areas in my future studies and profession.

Other critical thinking strategies relevant to me as a professional and a learner in my particular specialization is that through careful consideration and evaluation of a situation, I must be able to see circumstances from an unbiased point of view, or without instantly conforming to other perspectives on the topic. I feel that looking at all aspects of issues is imperative to giving the best service possible. Sharpening my critical thinking skills will enable me to avoid making assumptions without the benefit of research or consultation from professionals that may subsequently lead to errors in judgment or ethical codes of conduct, but allow me to make the best decisions based upon those factors accompanied with my own independent knowledge or personal judgment relevant to the subject matter

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Psych 640 week 3
please respond to reply 2

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