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| November 20, 2015

Guided Response: Review several of your classmates’ posts and compare the drop-out rate in your state to that of their states. Reflect on the existing No Child Left Behind Act and how it may affect the drop-out rates of ELLs, Discuss what you believe accounts for the difference in drop-out rates between your state and your classmates’ states. Respond to at least two of your classmates and provide recommendations to extend their thinking.


According to my text by Terry Piper (2015) states that the  “No Child Left Behind Act was ent-mandated reform of public education of the 20th century, No Child Left Behind (NCLB) introduced standards-based education reform and required states to develop and administer assessment for measures and basic skills at select grade levels.” Most children especially those who come from different cultures were left behind because of their inability to speak and understand the English Language. So Former President George Bush initiated this legislation in 2002 that every child should be given an opportunity to learn and get basic skill tests. However the problem is this act will affect English Language Learners. They must be able to read and do math.  Most of them need special attention on a regular basis to be able to reach that standard level.

Although NCLB has its good effects it is hurting and creating problems for English Learners. According to an article by states “Children with the most special needs, including English language learners, racially diverse students, impoverished students, and special education students are ending up being pushed out of school systems in order for the schools to be able to meet the requirements. This is sad because they need the extra help to reach their potential. The ‘No Child Left Behind’ law is hurting those that it had intended on helping the most.”

According to obtain from the census bureau states that “Just 7% of the nation’s 18-to-24 year olds had dropped out of high school, continuing a steady decline in the nation’s dropout rate since 2000, when 12% of youth were dropouts. In my state which is the US Virgin Islands the breakdown is St. Croix: 7% age 15-17 (182 teens). St. Thomas: 6% (132 teens) St. John: 5% (6 teens). The national rate of teens age 15-17 not in school: 4%. ( me this is high for an island with a population of 50,000.00 people. Most of the drop-outs are Haitian and Hispanics. If this waiver passes it will provide and help teachers to create curriculums that will help the students that deserve an opportunity. This will help improve reading, writing, speaking and learning English.

In the Virgin Islands we have a mixed population of immigrants from different islands. The students who are left behind most of the time are those who cannot understand the English Language. Some of them migrated and others were born of immigrant parents but still do not understand the language. In my community there are a lot of Hispanics and Haitians children who are faced with the dilemma of accessing their materials such as books because of their barrier. The government has begun hiring bilingual teachers to help these children. I strongly believe if changes are made we will have less drop-outs and more children liking and  attending school. The reason because there are plans in place to meet their needs and give them the opportunity to enhance their education. For example, there will be more qualified and bilingual teachers to assist them to reach their potential.


Piper, T. (2015). Language, learning, and culture: English language learning in today’s schools. San Diego, CA: Bridgepoint Education, Inc.

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