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| June 19, 2015

Topic: please decided for me

study and explain two (2) complex multilateral environmental agreements (MEAs)
1. A detailed synopsis of each of the two MEAs explaining its objective(s); and
2. The mechanisms established to meet the objective(s); and
3. The sufficiency of these mechanisms to meet the objective(s).

Assessment criteria: Students will be expected to succinctly and accurately describe the object and operation of each MEA. In identifying similar provisions in point 4 above, students should provide an explanation for the repetition. In particular, students should consider the function served, the ecosystem being regulated, and the actors being addressed by the treaty obligations.
In identifying unique provisions students should consider the applicability of these provisions in contexts other than the MEA under investigation. Students should conclude their analysis with any proposal(s) for the reform of specific treaties that might be warranted.
Maximum word limit: 2000 words.

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