Please complete the assignments in TWO separate Microsoft Word document)

| September 26, 2015


Please find the attached”assign to do 9-15″file for this week’s assginment


  1. identify the NAICS code of your industry;



(2) Identify relevant online sources from where you will get the information for doing the research; and

Full Service Restaurant Business 2012



(3) Cite the sources correctly using the APA style

Ripley, K. (2011). IBIS World Industry Report OD4674. Food and Beverage Industry.

Small Business Development Center Clearinghouse (2012). Full Service Restaurant Business. Retrieved from

Eghbal, M. (2013). Consumer Food Service. Euro-monitor International.  Retrieved from

NPD Group (2013). Restaurant Industry Trends. Retrieved from






This is overall a well-researched paper!  You could make recommendations more specific to the opportunities and threats that you see based on the trends.  References need to follow APA format.


Children’s and Infants’ Clothing Store

Children’s Clothing Store Industry code: 44813, 448130

Clothing Store Industry:

Last Quarterly Update: 9/12/2011

SIC Codes: 5611, 5621, 5632, 5641, 5651, 5661, 5699
NAICS Codes: 724481


Size of Industry:

According to the Business & Company Resource Center’s data, the clothing industry has been growing since 1993. The data stated that the year revenue was $128,974 million in 1993 and $144,404 million in 1998 and also with a forecast of $161,476 million in 2004.  And according to the research I made on IBIS the size of the Children’s clothing industry is $18.4 billion, a figure that could exceed $23.0 billion, as of 2015.


Key Industry Statistics

Key Industry Figures Children’s clothing industry 2010
Industry Revenue $9,478.5 million
Revenue Growth 2.1%



There are a few segments in the industry. Some of the major products and services covered in this market are:

  • Boys’ clothing
  • Girls’ clothing
  • Infants’ and toddlers’ clothing
  • Other

The Business & Company Resource Center currently provides data from 1997-1999, which shows that the market sector percentage have been the same during these years; Women’s & Girls Clothing sector holds 58.2%, while Men’s & Boys Clothing sector holds 37.3% and Infants Clothing sector holds the remaining 4.5%.

According to the information given this is the growth between Year 1993 and Year 1998 in dollars = (144,404 –128,974) * 100


Growth over 5 years from 1993 to 1998 is $11.97%


Trends in the Industry:

Though our economy faced a down fall, the size of sales decreased. Instead of shopping people from different ages were trying to save money instead of spending. Due to laid off workers, the revenue and income flow of clothing stores has been impacted. Now that the economy is looking better, people are shopping more and are able to get jobs. In fashion the trends are hard to keep up with if you do not have an innovative edge. To stay on top you must follow the latest trends so that you can meet the demand of your consumers. It is wise to start the trend then to follow. Although children’s apparel is a basic family requirement, the fashion revolution is affecting even these styles.  Mothers (controlling 93% of all apparel dollars spent on children’s wear) want their children to have the latest “look.” Children’s wear manufacturers are becoming highly skilled at producing high fashion apparel.  Kid’s fashions have been one of the fastest growing category of apparel.  To keep pace with this trend, manufacturers have adopted the production and sales techniques used in women’s apparel.  This has led to enormous numbers of children’s wear departments and specialty stores throughout the nation.

The children’s wear industry has grown considerably in recent years, but still remains a small market segment and can be difficult for small manufacturers to enter.  Since children’s wear trends increasingly mirror those of adult apparel, children’s collections must not only please children, but also be very similar to current trends in the adult market.  This calls for constant monitoring of the market and a high degree of flexibility and quick adaptation.  Major firms that market adult collections at the same time as children’s copies have a head start in this regard.  Price, nonetheless, remains a decisive factor in making purchases, given the speed at which children outgrow their clothes.  Manufacturers who are competitive in this regard and have the flexibility to adapt their products to fashion trends can find worthwhile niches.


Some competitors would have to be well known established companies such as Gymboree, Babies R Us, The Children’s Place, Carters and so much more. I believe my company will work out better because a lot of these companies get their clothing from other countries and my company will be home based meaning MADE IN THE USA, this will help the economy because it will bring in more jobs. As everyone knows entrepreneurships are the back bone of the US because we are the ones who bring in more/new jobs.


  1. Focus on the children’s market.
  2. Keep children’s clothes affordable.
  3. Offer adult (Mom’s and Dad’s) clothes that match with children’s clothes.
  4. Develop relationships with companies abroad that may be able to manufacture clothes at a lower price.
  5. Offer accessories and other products that go with the clothes and will be useful for this niche segment.


Industry Research

How to Do Industry Research?


An industry is a collection of a specific type of business. For instance, all car companies together make up the Automobile Manufacturing industry.  Every industry in this country, and therefore every business within an industry, has a NAICS code associated with it. The NAICS code stands for North American Industrial Classification system. The NAICS code is an identifier that helps you dig deeper to get information on the industry you are interested in exploring.


  1. How to find the NAICS code of your industry?

A complete list of all the NAICS codes is given on the Census website.

However, because of the detail, it is difficult to find exactly what you are looking from on this webpage. I prefer to go on Google and search for the NAICS code of the industry that I am planning on researching.  The NAICS code should be a 6 digit code.  For example the NAICS code for Full Service Restaurants is 722110.


  1. Now that I have identified the NAICS code, where will I find relevant information on the industry that I am studying?

Search Databases on the BMCC Library for Industry Information

Go to BMCC home page à Library àArticles:Databasesà

There are three excellent business databases for industry research

  • IBIS World –> Industry Market Research (tab on top right)
  • Mergent Investor Edge
  • Research Monitor

If you do not find information in one database try the other.  However, it is also important to remember that for certain emerging industries, you may not find industry reports easily through either of these two databases.  You may have to search directly on the internet to find what new information is available.  You will also come across paid databases that offer industry information.  Please do not pay for information that is required for the class.

  1. Databases

The Library offers off-campus access to the library databases.  The username and password are the same as the login for the BMCC Portal.  For more information see the Library’s page on remote access. Your semester will go much more smoothly if you figure this out immediately.  Three databases that I would recommend are:


  1. Ibis World

Click on the tab that says ‘Industry Market Research’ on the homepage.  [The tab is in the middle of the page].  Enter the NAICS code which you have found in Step A in the search box that says ‘Find an industry by NAICS code’.  Check the 2007 button at the foot of the dialog box to ensure that you are retrieving a recent report.  You can search for the industry information by typing the name of the industry in the search box that says ‘Find an industry by keyword or a company name’  but if you get the name even slightly wrong you may not be able to find the right information.

If one or more than one report comes up, please look through them to select the one that most closely represents your industry of interest.   Explore the Table of Contents on the right and cull out the information that you need for your paper, e.g. size, growth, trends, segments etc.


  1. Mergent Investor Edge

Even though this particular database is more for those who are looking for financial performance of companies and industries, it can be a useful source for annual reports, and industry research.  On the homepage of this database enter the name of a company that exists in this industry.  It will bring up information about the company.

On the top of the page you will see tabs that will lead you to the Annual Report and Industry Reports on the different industries in which the company operates.  Look through the industries that are relevant for you.  It is also worth looking at the Annual Report of the company, particularly the CEO’s speech, usually in the beginning of the report, to identify future trends in the industry and strategies that the company is undertaking to take advantage of these trends.


  1. Research Monitor

You can search by Subject or Country.  Most of you are looking at the US market – so that is where we need to concentrate.


  1. Citing Your Research Sources:

The information from these sources should not be plagiarized as your own.  Please provide references to where you obtained the information using the APA citation style.  If you are writing a research report – detailed information available from these sources may be appended in the Business plan at the end of the semester but not included in the body of the main report.

Examples of APA style citations for References at the end of the Report

Ripley, K. (2011). IBIS World Industry Report OD4674. Green & Sustainable Building Construction.

Feldmann, L. M. (2009). MergentInvestorEdge.The Charleston Advisor, 11(2), 36-38.

Research Monitor.(1997). World tourism (Vol. 1).Euromonitor.


In-text citation:

In addition to the end of the report citations of your references, a research report will also include references in the body of the text.  Please go over this link carefully

Beauty salons 812112
Nail salons 812113
Janitorial services 561720
Independent artists, writers, performers 711510
Search engine (On-line Information services) 514191



Business Reference Services


Please complete the assignments in TWO separate Microsoft Word document)


Your part(1) assignment will be doing analysis on your industry. (this is the first paper that you wrote for me. )


(1) identify the NAICS code of your industry;

(2) identify relevant online sources from where you will get the information for doing the research; and

(3) cite the sources correctly using the APA style




Your part(2) assignment is to write an industry research report.


  1. Industry Statistics. Prepare a report on the industry that you select,highlighting industry statistics regarding size and growth, industry segments, customer segments, and competitive structure. This report should be based on research that you conduct using BMCC online databases. Please provide in-text citations wherever you cite research.
  2. Trends in the Industry. Research and report trends in the external environment of the industry. Trends are changes taking place in  the external environment that affect the industry. These trends could prove to be either opportunities or threats for businesses in this industry. List these trends under two sections – (i) opportunities, and (ii) threats.Provide in-text citations wherever you cite research. Remember opinions need to be substantiated by research. 
  3. Recommendations. Provide at least threerecommendations to a person who is planning to enter this industry based on your research analysis. The recommendations need to be tied directly to your research.
  4. Reference. Ensure that all your research sources are referenced using APA

Please refer to Model paper for every assignment (they are almost A papers but not quite)


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