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| March 25, 2015

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please read carefully my research paper outline as i need graphs, maps ect. everything thing is on the file i will attach so please make sure their is everything ask on the research paper because last time it was not complete.




Assignment is due by 4pm on Wednesday of Week 12 (8 April).




Prepare a research paper on one of the following topics:



 Sustainable cities – Sustainability initiatives in cities such as Vancouver, Portland, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Singapore



 Paper length should be between 3,000 words



o use case study of a city to identify key planning/urban design ideas being implemented and planning issues the city faces  


o review key planning and urban design principles from literature review and apply them to your case study areas



Conduct a critical analysis of planning ideas and issues rather than just describing them, for example:


o Do you think the ideas, projects or polices are practical or relevant?


o What are some of the ideas’ strengths and weaknesses?


 Include relevant maps/photographs/diagrams where possible to support your discussion and analysis


 Include a cover page with the title of paper and an appropriate image relating to the theme of the paper


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