Planning for positive behaviour

| April 3, 2014

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Assessment Task 1: Essay
Task description:
Using scholarly literature, critically evaluate, then compare and contrast two theories/models of behaviour management/discipline, making reference, where appropriate, to other theories and models. Discuss ways in which you could implement one of the two identified models in your particular context and practice (primary school setting).
Assessment Criteria
1. Demonstrate knowledge of theories/models of behaviour management/discipline;
2. Apply principles of theories/models of behaviour management/discipline critically to a specified context and practice;
3. Demonstrate synthesis of key concepts by presenting the evidence through depth of treatment in the construction of a well-balanced argument, referring to appropriate literature, and drawing a conclusion;
4. Demonstrate the ability of competent academic writing, adhering to conventions of written English (word choice, grammar, punctuation and spelling) and using an appropriate essay structure and APA style of referencing (Faigley, 2013).
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What causes the illicit relationship between Nur and Suha? Consider whether sex segregation and the general atmosphere contribute to what causes their relationship.
How does intra- and interpersonal perception (understanding yourself and other people) contribute to individual success both at university and later at work?


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