Planning for opening some machinery for class survey as a chief engineer

| July 31, 2016

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You are a Chief Engineer on a large tanker  180,000  Dwt installed with large slow speed engine directly coupled to the propeller. You may choose any slow speed engine of your choice, and you need to mention the specifications of the chosen engine. The vessel is classed by NK Class, Japan, who permit Chief Engineer to carry out survey, which will be endorsed by NK, subject to verification of a Chief Engineer’s report.( You may choose a different Classification Society of your choice, if you so desire). You are required to open up the following machinery for a class survey, assuming  a port stay of 5 days on this occasion.

  1. One cylinder unit complete which includes the cylinder head mountings, Liner, Piston, Piston rod and gland.
  2. One Cross head pin and bearing complete.
  3. One Connecting rod pin bearing complete
  4. One Main bearing and journal.

Prepare a detailed report of the above survey undertaken.

Your report  should include the following:

  1. Planning of the activities. 5 Marks


  1. All safety precautions taken in the activities.                                                                      5 Marks


  1. Thorough investigation of the machinery components of the main engine 10 Marks


  1. A detailed report based on your examination.   10 Marks


  1. Details of spare parts used.    5 Marks


  1. Any repairs or additional work carried out.     5 Marks


There are no limitations to the length of this assignment which will be worth 20 Marks out of 100 Marks assigned to this unit.

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