Planning for Cities and Climate Change

| May 21, 2015

Details of each assessment item

Assessment 1: A short essay on a critical issue
Purpose: To develop research, critical analysis and writing skills
Guidelines: The analysis is to be presented in essay format.

In this assignment, students will draw from material in the first three weeks of lectures to
develop a clear research topic on which they will conduct further independent research.
Students are expected to analyse their chosen issue and discuss how it affects planning for
cities in the context of climate change and assess what, if any, are the proposed
implementation strategies or outcomes for cities.
Please note that the assessment guidelines and weightings vary from those enrolled in the
postgraduate course. It is your responsibility to ensure you have the correct unit outline.
Assessment Criteria (out of 100%):
? Ability to define a clear research topic and explain the central issues clearly
? Ability to engage in independent research
? Ability to provide detailed analysis of research outcomes
? Presenting a logically structured and properly referenced essay (Harvard Style

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