Physician-Patient Relationship.

| October 18, 2015

You are a dermatologist. At a cocktail party to benefit the local symphony, a friend introduces you to Daniel Bomb telling Daniel by way of introduction that you are a physician. Over a glass of wine, which Daniel buys for you, he tells you about a lump that has been on his wrist for almost a year. He rolls up his cuff and shows you the lump, which you briefly palpate. You tell Daniel that he should call the lump to the attention of his regular physician, to which he responds that his regular physician retired. The conversation ends.

· Identify the main facts of the case. You may itemize these in a bulleted list.

· Identify any legal issues that are present, as well as the doctrines and/or duties that apply. You may itemize these in a bulleted list.

· Explain why you believe that a physician-patient relationship has or has not been established in this situation.

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