| September 27, 2015


Submit a two page essay on the Relation of Metaphysics and Science. Choose only ONE of the following philosophers: Martin Heidegger, A.J. Ayer or William James (pp. 243 -288). Some guide questions to write your essay:

1. Explain the metaphysical theory of your chosen contemporary philosopher.
2. Explain and defend your own stand on the relation of Metaphysics (or theodicy) and Science (pp. 298-304).
3. After having learned the different metaphysical theories in this class, what do you think is the future of metaphysics?

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Live stage productions, such as musicals, plays, ballet and opera convey both a story and a range of emotions by using a number of different media. Discuss your chosen element of communication theory in the context of a production of your choice.
Six Decision Steps Part II

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