| February 12, 2014

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Choose ONE topic from the 5 below to write on for a philosophy essay
The main objectives of writing the essay are to give a sample showing:

(1) how to demonstrate the depth of your understanding of the topic as covered in primary texts utilised list in study guide attached FYI;

(2) to appreciate topics in philosophy of mind by dealing in detail with the arguments, objections and replies discussed in the primary text; and

(3) to cultivate the core philosophical skill of critically and carefully analysing arguments, providing reasons for your views as you go along.
Noting that It is essential that you engage carefully with the primary texts.
Don?t just summarise views; extract the detailed arguments from the texts themselves. Scrutinise the premises and the way the arguments are put together. This will reveal the rich structure of these debates and will set thoughts going about what to say about it.
. Word Limit: 2300 words therefore about 8 pages plus should be presented in 12-point font and 1.5 or 
double-spaced. It will require references and a bibliography 10 to 15 harvard style aprox 300 words.
Suggested Essay recepie outlined and primiary tex utiliseable per item limited to the primary texts listed in the attachment study guide scholarly references.
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