Philosophy of Love and Sex: Rights, freedoms and liberties

| May 21, 2014

Rights, freedoms and liberties enjoyed by individuals have evolved over time. Presently, individuals enjoy a wide range of rights with legislative provisions in many countries supporting and guaranteeing such rights. Despite increased liberties and individual freedoms, the aspect of trading sex for money remains contested with its moral standing being a core point of contention (Sanders 9-15). On the one hand, a liberal point of view would be that since people have a right to determine what they can do with their bodies such as being surrogate mothers, and that they can render sexual services as well if they so wish. Conversely, a perception of sexual relations to be very personal, unique, special and private (Michael 1, 2), implies that at no situations should an individual have to trade or commercialize sex merely for the purposes of making money. Due to the personal nature, special attachment and privacy attached to sex, individuals ought to view it with more reverence and poise thus they should avoid trading it casually for monetary gains. The converse would be contrary to upholding of human dignity were sexual services or surrogacy to be exchanged for monetary profits (Michael 1, 2). In the subsequent discussions, the reasoning behind such a conjuncture is advanced. This paper argues out that individuals should not have a right to sell their sexual services even if they freely choose to.

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