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| December 29, 2015

Educational Philosophy

Objective: The educational philosophy paper should reflect the student’s beliefs, experiences, goals, and knowledge on education. By writing an educational philosophy paper, the student should formulate their views on education in an organize way. The paper should also allow the student to reflect over the semester/year and set goals for the future.


•Two, full page minimum typed paper. Must be free from errors, 12 point font, and double spaced. Should only include name and title on front page.

1.Introductory Paragraph-Includes the major reason(s) you are interested in the profession. Make sure the introduction is personal in nature.

2.Supporting Paragraphs must include:

•Beliefs on the purpose of education.

•Beliefs on the role of the teacher.

•Teacher-centered v. student-centered.

•Classroom Management/Discipline.


•Teaching strategies.

•Beliefs on student learning.




•Higher-order thinking.

•Educational environment.

•Beliefs on the educational community including students, teacher, school, school district, families, and town/city.

•Educational philosophies/philosophers that match your philosophy (use Chapter 9 & 10). You are required to include at least one philosophy/philosopher that supports your views and at least one of the philosopher’s quotes reflecting your views.

•Supporting educational research & personal examples from the classroom.

3.Concluding Paragraph-Summarizing your main points and purpose, and include your future goals.


•The paper should personally reflect who you are and who you want to be as a teacher. Put your head and heart into it! Make sure to positively reflect your positions.

•The paper should reflect where you are going with your educational and professional goals.

•You should add in experiences from the year that have influenced your views, but be brief and do not share student names.

•Your educational philosophy will change over time. It’s okay if you don’t have all the answers right now. I still don’t have all the answers!

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