Philosophy: give the argument and assess its soundness and validity

Please answer one question from any 3 sections (1-1.5 pps. per question, 3-5 total).

  • Explain Friedman’s arguments about social responsibility?
  • Compare and contrast Milton Friedman on the social responsibility of business and Michael McFarland on the social responsibility of engineers.
  • Evaluate Vanasupa et al’s arguments for fostering social responsibility in the classroom.


  • Explain the progressive safety concerns and challenges airbags saw in their early implementation. (hint use dates).
  • Explain the safety concerns in the 2010 Toyota Prius and Lexus Hs250h models. Are the design engineers morally responsible for the resulting accidents? Why or why not?
  • Compare and contrast McFarland, Perrow, and Martin and Schinzinger on ways to make engineering safer.


  • Do we owe it to our employer to be loyal to our work? Why or why not?
  • From your reading, what are good and bad ways of defining loyalty? Why?
  • The ‘Coast Guard’ video shows an engineering whistle-blowing in public via Youtube. According to DeGeorge and/or other authors is the engineer a) morally permitted, b) obligated to whistle-blow?


  • What are the fundamental changes Catalano would like to see made to ABET criteria? Evaluate his arguments.
  • Compare and Contrast Haws’ and Catalano’s ideas about how to teach Engineering Ethics with the way this class was run. Evaluate which is “better.” Why?
  • What is just war theory? Evaluate arguments such as Fichtelberg’s that just war theory should apply to engineers or engineering.


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