Pharmacotherapeutics of Migraines

| March 25, 2015

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In this assignment you will be required to review the following:

• the pharmacology of NSAIDs and triptans and relate this to the pathophysiology of migraines. (This section is only worth 10% of the total marks, hence, it should be brief).

• summarise the clinical evidence that supports the efficacy and safety of the classes of drugs for the treatment of migraines from reviews provided by systematic reviews from evidence based medicine databases/sources i.e. Cochrane Reviews Database etc. You should provide a summary of the evidence from these reviews and use the publications on the individual clinical trials for the next section. 

• critically evaluate the clinical evidence to provide an appraisal of the quality of this evidence in terms the recommended requirements for the publication of randomised clinical trials (RCT) (i.e. CONSORT) in such areas as:

• clinical trial design 
• inclusion and exclusion criteria 
• sample size, randomisation, blinding, bias 
• limitations and interpretation


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Asthma pharmacology and nonpharmacology treatm
Pharmacotherapeutics of Migraines


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