Petty Cash System

| January 14, 2015

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In this Case, you will be introduced to Python classes and methods and their applications. Programming skills are only developed by practice, practice and more practice!
Your assignment is to create mini-Python projects or programs and to run them in the Python-IDLE environment. You are to do the following:
Petty Cash System
You’ve been given an assignment by your supervisor to program a small application to monitor the current status of the cash account in the firm’s petty cash fund (the amount of cash kept on hand in the office for incidental purchases). The requirements for the program are to allow users to input the amount of cash deposited, the amount of cash withdrawn and to get a report of the balance at any given time. You will need to also add the date of each deposit and the date of each withdrawal and provide a date with the balance returned upon a given query. The program should be able to provide a printed report and support a command line query.
You are to use the object oriented properties of Python to accomplish this task.
Here are some hints to get you started:
First, define a class. The example below is just an example that defines a class named Account, you will need to enhance it to make it more realistic.
class Account:

def __init__(self, initial):

self.balance = initial

def deposit(self, amt):

self.balance = self.balance + amt

def withdraw(self,amt):

self.balance = self.balance – amt

def getbalance(self):

return self.balance
Using a, the sample class above:



print a.getbalance()
Write a program to accomplish the above requirements. Of course you will need to add the features to accept input, print output, and so on as indicated. Run and debug the program.
Based on above code, modified it and add features and create a program in Python that effectively simulates a bank ATM. The program should have the following functionality implemented:
Screen with menu of all the services: deposit, withdraw, check balance, print transaction
Account number and password checking
Use whatever data structures or class-method to implement the system. Submit your source code in “ITM205-Case5-Project-YourFirstNameLastName” and also running results with your test cases.
Write a summary document in Mocrosoft Word format named as “ITM205-Case5-Summary-YourFirstNameLastName” to show what you have accomplished.
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