Peter Singer's Work on Poverty and Its Connection to the Ethical Dimension

| February 9, 2014

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For this assignment I want you to write a 1100 or 1600 word essay in which you will refer to his analogies and give some real world examples.
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Economists’ philosophies and theories have always tried to explain poverty and others clearly explaining the viscous cycle of poverty. Some say people are poor just simply because they are poor and they lack the means to move out of the poverty. Poverty remains a controversial especially on the causes and means to evade it; but one thing that is clear is that it still to affect many individuals. Peter Singer argues on the issue and gives a solution that involves a collective act to end poverty. He bases his arguments on practical ethics where everyone is obligated to be his/her brother’s keeper. This paper tackles his work on poverty and its connection to the ethical dimension in regards to the world today. It also gives an opinion at the end and the reasons why I don’t agree with his ideas. Peter Singer’s View In the article “Famine, Affluence and Morality” of 1972 he outline the famine of 1971 that was in East Bengal. He argued that the famine was inevitable since the people had no ability; moreover no government or humanitarian organizations sent enough aid relief to save the situation…ORDER NOW
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