Pet Toxicant

| July 9, 2016

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  1. Describe the toxicity of a named toxicant(CARBON TETRACHLORIDE), including reference to routes of exposure, distribution, metabolism, mechanism of action and target organ toxicity.

Pet Toxicant

* •  Introduction on what the toxicant is, its source & exposure to the general population.

* •  Toxicokinetic information: absorption, distribution, metabolism & elimination (see toxicokinetic lectures).

* •  Mechanisms of toxicity: cellular targets and mechanisms of toxicity (see mechanisms lectures).

* •  Target organ(s) toxicity: what is/are the organ(s) that are damaged as a result of exposure to this toxicant, to what extent does it damage these organs, is it lethal? (see target organ toxicity lectures).

* •  Toxicity assessment: how would you assess if this substance was toxic, what are its limits of toxicity (concentrations) (see toxicity assessment lectures).

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