PESTEL framework

| June 19, 2015

PESTEL framework

This assessment requires your group to undertake the following analyses and answerthe following questions in relation to the organisation which is the object of Case Study B and produce a comprehensive report, in report format:

Analyse features ofthe macro-environment that may affect Siemens Energy using the PESTEL framework.

In which renewable energy sources should Siemens Energy invest and why?

How aggressive should Siemens be in pursuing new energy technologies? Should it be a first mover and set the standard or let other companies take the initial risk and then capitalise on their discoveries. Support your answer.

How should Siemens go about developing alternative energy technologies? Should it ‘go it alone’? Should it form strategic alliances? Should it acquire smaller companies which have already made
technological advances? Support your answer.
Determine whether the company managing its resources and capabilities effectively given the challenging circumstances orproblems implied or stated in the case as written. The assessment requires careful consideration of concepts and theory covered in the course overall.
Ensure you make use of concepts, theories and frameworks.

Successful teams start by reading and working together to interpret the content ofthe case stimulus as early as possible. Make no attempt to break the case up into parts. Each team member must
work with each facet ofthe case. This is the basis upon which candidates are prepared for the final exam.)
Rothaermel, F T & Hoepfer, M 2013 ‘Case 20 Siemens Energy: Howto Engineer a Green Future.’ in F T Rothaermel Strategic
management: Concepts and cases, pp. C281-C302.; New York : McGraw Hill Irwin.

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