Pest Control

900- to 1,050-word paper evaluating methods to control the pest.

 Introduction – Laying out what the paper will cover.

  • Description of the household pest
  • Resources such as food, people, pets, and wood that attract the pest to the household
  • Chemical methods to control the pest: Include information on brands, active ingredients, and safety precautions.
  • Chemical-free methods to control the pest
  • The benefits and risks of chemical versus chemical-free methods
  • Methods used to prevent future infestations
  • Analysis of adequacy/efficacy of the control method
  • Conclusion – Summarize information contained in the paper
  • References – At least 3 of academic quality all in APA format..

Format  consistent with APA guidelines. Use  Introduction, Level 1 Section Headings, Level 2 Section Headings, a conclusion and reference page. Your introduction should tell the reader what is to follow in the paper. Level 1 Headings give you the information. Each bullet point should have its own section heading. Your conclusion should summarize the contents of the paper. References (at least 3 academic quality) should be in correct APA format.

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