Personal Watershed

| September 25, 2015

This reflective paper is intended to help you understand how you deal with change by examining an individual
change process in term of William Bridges’ model of Transition (2004). This will help you in the development of
your personal and professional capacity to assist organizations with change processes.
Recall an event in your life that you consider a ‘Watershed’ point; a very significant event or point in your life
that marks the transition between two phases in your life. It should be a change that had a significant impact
on the course of your life. This might be a change of school or job, divorce, a move, the birth of a child, the
death of a loved one etc. We all have unique experiences so do not feel limited by these.
Describe the transition in terms of the three stages of transition as depicted in Bridges model of Transitions.
1. Situation Description
Briefly describe the event or change. How was this event different from other meaningful events or
milestones? In other words, what made it a ‘watershed’ event?
2. Situation Analysis
William Bridges’ model of transitions suggests there are three stages of transition and change. While this may
be an event from a long time ago, try and recall your feelings and actions. Drawing upon those feelings and
actions, respond to the next three questions to the best of your ability. While it might be somewhat
challenging to put a past event in this framework, the model suggest that no matter the transition, we will
experience these stages.
– Endings – What did you have to let go off? Describe how you experienced each of the five stages of
ending: Disengagement, dismantling, disidentification, disenchantment and disorientation.
– Neutral zone – Describe how you experienced the neutral zone. Question that you might consider include:
o What were some of the early signs that you arrived at the neutral zone?
o How long did it take you to get there?
o How did you deal with the lack of clarity, goals or purpose?
o How did you deal with ambiguity?
o What did you do to figure out what you really wanted?
o What else do/did you do to prepare for ‘new beginnings’?
– New beginnings – Describe the new beginning. How did you know it was the new beginning? What were
the new goals and how did you plan to get there?
3. Reflective analysis
List at least three specific things that you learned throughout this reading and writing activity, about individual
response to change, that will enable you to help facilitate change in organization or others?
Professionalism – Even though this is a reflection paper, it is necessary to use a professional style/format with
headings and sub-headings. This paper should be written at academic level and free of typographical and
grammatical errors. Use literature to support your discussion. Use APA style to cite these references ad include
a reference page. Points are deducted for spelling and grammatical errors

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