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| July 10, 2016

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This Assignment is a Personal Statement Essay . It needs to be in detail and very strong points to make it stand out of the crowd. You must include all points mentioned below and each one needs to be in detail. All points are explained in the description to follow but do include more information and detail not mentioned in the description. Make this personal statement strong.


-Your personal background. Where did you grow up? Can you share any events that influenced your ideas, thoughts, interests, and talents toward art and design school and career?

-Why did you decide to go to architecture school?

-What have you learned from college so far? Please make the stories specific mentioning specific studios or experiences that affected your learning.

-Why do you like architecture? What aspect of architecture are you interested in?

-Why do you want to attend a master program?

-What are your strengths and weaknesses as a designer?

-What have you been reading (books, articles, scholarly journals, etc.) in the past year or two?

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