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| October 28, 2015

I want you to write 2 essays. They are 1 page each.
One is a personal essay, the second is an admission essay.
I am applying to South Methodist University, Cox School of business. You can reasearch a lilttle more about the school. I want to get a degree in Management and then a Master of Business Administration.
I started college this spring 2015 at brookhaven college and i want to transfer to SMU in Spring 2016. My current GPA is 2.7 because on my first semester i was not familiar with the school system, also i was out of the school for 2 years and i also lost my father on a car accident. All this together led to my low grades and consequently a low GPA. But on summer my started getting better grades and i am rising my gpa now.
My dad was a enterperneur. He did not go to school but he struggled alot and was able to own a hotel. I grew up in small family in Luanda, Angola. I have traveled around the world and seeing the development across increased my desire in Management so i can go back to my country and apply the business skills i will get from SMU. I also want to continue my father’s business thats why i need that degree. MY sister goes to SMU to she’s getting her Master in Management too.
More about me: I used to do cycling in my country. I like cars and i plan to own a carshop in my country
1.Why SMU?
Briefly share with us your reasons for applying to SMU.
2.Personal Essay – Choose one of the following topics
We want to learn more about you and evaluate your writing skills. In 250 words or more (approximately one double-spaced page), respond to one of the following essay questions:
***To help us learn more about your creativity, personality and intellectual ability, compare yourself to your favorite literary character or historical figure. Share with us details of how this person reflects your talents, values and aspirations. How will SMU help you develop such traits?
***Tell us about a significant event, achievement or personal characteristic that will help us get to know you better.
SMU is a diverse learning environment shaped by the convergence of ideas and cultures. How will your unique experiences or background enhance the University, and how will you benefit from this community?

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Personal Statement


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