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| February 10, 2014

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Prompt: In a short paragraph, please briefly elaborate on one of your extracurricular activities or work experiences. (250 word limit)
instructions: please edit the following essay. i want it to relate more on business since i am majoring in business administration, write more about business and economics or something like that, not too much about baking because this is a university application prompt of a business school that i am applying to and please do not go off topic. and please do not go over 250 words.
essay: One of my extracurricular activities that I engage myself in during free time is baking. In my free time am in most times baking and trying to cook out something nice be it a cake, pastry, bread and other traditional baking foods. In the beginning I could not make a soft baked cake or even bread due to lack of experience required but at present whenever I give a friend he or she insist for another one and another one. I usually visit food stores and supermarkets and purchase the baked product, taste them and I try my best to make something much better than what I tested.
I have come to realize that baking requires technical skills and thus I always form cookery clubs. I remembered there is one time when my cousin is having a baby shower and she ordered 2 dozens of banana cupcakes from me. Since she was my first customer, I sold her half the price of a cupcake that you usually get in the store. The process usually starts with intensive research on ingredient rations and mixing times then followed by the baking process. In some situations, I try my own ingredients to come up with something original without copying the ingredients. I have through this technique managed to make baked originals that I give to friends. i plan to have a professional bakery of my own one day.
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