Personal Response (journal)

| May 19, 2015

Personal Response (journal)

A personal response to Harry Potter, the 11 year old orphan boy whose story is told in in The Philosopher’s Stone.

be very personal. Give emotional responses to the story.

SUGGESTION: Imagine it as the official acceptance letter to Hogwarts!

Additional suggestions to writing the Journal:
1) Things identify with the characters – have you had a similar experience? If so, tell what it was.
2) Fill in the gaps. Are there moments and situations that the author doesn’t write about that are necessary to the piece of writing?
be very personal. Give emotional responses to the story.
3) Read playfully for multiple meanings. There is usually no one correct meaning to a piece of writing. Imagine different ways of reading the piece.
4) Ask what the writing means to you, rather than what the writing means. There is usually no universal, one interpretation view of a piece of literature. You might have a view that others consider strange or of off base. Stick up for your ideas, giving reasons and evidence from the writing itself.



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