Personal Reflection on Self Achievement in Life

| March 26, 2014

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To answer the questionnaire using my answers and build on them or rephrase them in good answers.
1) who am i?
A young business man and owner of small group of companies in the field of real estate,infrastructure,it and cleaning chemicals.
2)where am I?Developing my own group of companies in Qatar and competing with others who are established in the market.
3) what do I want ?
I would like to grow my company to be financially strong and to be professional in management. in addition, to participate and add to Qatar 2030 vision. and to do business in sectors where they have values to the country ,people and for our company.
4)what do I do to get what I want?
Make partnerships and joint ventures with experience companies outside Qatar using their experience and qualification to penetrate the market and get projects.analyze our position in the market.
5)what is my response when i do or don’t get what i want?
If I do get what i want ,first I thank every member and do appreciate their effort and make their mind ready for the next challenge and not to relax. if i don’t get what i want , there is always lessons learned , so i analyze the situation with the whole management team trying to find where we lack and what was our mistakes. motivate the team to keep working and correct the previous mistakes and build on them.
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