Personal Quality Checklist Assignment A

| March 16, 2014

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Develop your own personal quality checklist and analyze the results over the period of this course. After you have gathered data for a week or two, review the data for the purposes of analysis and improvement. Use charts to plot and analyze weekly results. Use the following guidelines.
Each participant should initiate a personal quality improvement project and maintain and improve it during the duration of the course. Identify one or two areas in which you would like to improve upon from a personal standpoint; e.g., exercise more, maintain a more regular sleep schedule, increase study time, etc.
Individual benefit, rather than "a grade," or perfection, is to be the major objective.
After a week’s data are gathered, plot a simple graph to determine the level of "defects" encountered.
A suggested practice is that you share your personal checklist items and goals with your instructor, a colleague, spouse, or friend. Have that person ask you about your progress every week or so.
Display your results in a location that will serve as a daily reminder of your progress.
Personal Quality Checklist Assignment A:
At the midpoint of the course, submit a progress report that includes the following:
Charts showing your personal quality measurements data
An analysis of your progress: improvements made, areas of deficiency, what has worked and what hasn’t
Action plan for the remainder of the course to achieve desired results
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