Personal Performance Evaluation

I’m working on a Writing exercise and need support.

The goal of this performance review is to critically engage with your own writing process. Each assignment asks for different approaches and rhetorical tools for you to analyze. In turn, each self-reflection should refer specifically to the work at hand. Specificity is key, as these responses will prove very useful to you at the end of the term (many students use portions of their self-reflections as the basis for their end of term reflection letter). So, please respond to the following questions carefully and honestly.

Please cut and paste the below questions into a .docx. Then respond directly below each question and upload the attachment as your submission.

  1. Describe your revision process. What were some key moments that helped you understand what needed to be revised and why (use specific examples to show your revisions here!)? Were there specific peer reviews or drafts that were influential? Make a list of this information that includes specific examples of your revisions. If you could do the assignment over again (knowing what you know now), how would you have gone about the process differently? Why? Maybe you wouldn’t change anything? Why?
  2. What is most successful about your report? Why? Explain. What is least successful about your report? Why? Explain.
  3. Pick out one specific paragraph that you think best highlights your ability to analyze and interpret source material. Note what you think works well.
  4. Look to the Writing Program Student Learning Goals for AWD (on page 2 of the syllabus). Highlight 3 of them that you feel you successfully worked on during this project. Aim to be as specific as you can here with these connections.Chose from here (1. Students write both to learn and to communicate what they learn. 2. Students negotiate their own writing goals and audience expectations regarding conventions of genre, medium, and situation. 3. Students formulate and articulate a stance through and in their writing. 4. Students revise their writing using responses from others, including peers, consultants, and teachers.5. Students generate and pursue lines of inquiry and search, collect, and select sources appropriate to their writing projects. 6. Students effectively use and appropriately cite sources in their writing. 7. Students explore and represent their experiences, perspectives, and ideas in conversation with others. 8. Students use multiple forms of evidence to support their claims, ideas, and arguments. 9. Students practice critical reading strategies. 10. Students provide revision-based response to their peers.11. Students reflect on their writing processes and self-assess as writers).
  5. Discuss the challenges you faced during the process of this assignment–from topic selection all the way to final draft. Which challenges were you able to overcome? How did you do it? Explain.
  6. What did you learn about the content of your project that you didn’t know before? If you didn’t learn anything new, why is that? Explain.
  7. What did you learn about yourself as a writer? In addition, what did you learn about writing and researching (This might be a chance to discuss the Annotated Bibliography’s role in your project!). How might you use this new knowledge to assist you in future projects for AWD? If you didn’t learn anything new, why is that? Explain.
  8. Using the criteria in the assignment prompt, what grade would you give your report? Why? Explain.
  9. Additional comments that don’t necessarily fit in with the questions above (but you want to document the issue/problem/finding/etc. now so you can potentially use it for your end of term reflection).

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