Personal Learning Achievement

| June 19, 2015

Personal Learning Achievement
Title: Personal Learning Achievement

In this week’s Discussion, you will synthesize the experiences of the last 2 years in University-MSN Program. You will explore how you have grown and matured as a scholar, and how your practice as a professional nurse has changed during this time.

Read the goal statement you wrote for your application for admission. If you cannot locate it, picture yourself writing this goal statement as you were 2 or more years ago.

Now review the Outcome Evidence Chart and Final Reflection that you have just completed. Consider the various activities you provided as evidence of meeting each criterion and your overall reflection of your learning achievements.

With these thoughts in mind:
• What types of activities did you identify that supported your achievement of the criterion’s outcomes that you chose?

• What type of course activities helped you achieve those criteria?

• How did you meet the service, scholarship, or social change expectation through each activity as related to the framework’s learning outcomes?

• What insights do you have about where you started, where you are now, and where you may go? How would you write your personal and professional goals now?

Post a summary of the following:
• 1.How has your perception of the nursing profession, your chosen specialty, and who you are as a nurse changed on this journey to become a master’s-prepared nurse?

• 2.You have much to offer to nursing, health care, and society. You have seen, in the course of your studies, how you might change society for the better. Now is the time to think more on being that agent of social change. How will you capitalize on the knowledge and skills you have attained?

• 3.What you plan to do to continue your journey as a lifelong learner, including two goals you plan to set for your self (in the areas of leadership, education, and scholarship) that you feel prepared to do because of the program at University.

Identify some of the key control mechanisms, and describe how management can apply them to aid in achieving organizational goals.

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