Personal Knowledge and Experience

| January 28, 2014

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Personal Knowledge and Experience
For most people, owning a car is a reality they would like to achieve in their life time. It was no different for me, growing up as a kid. I constantly found myself fascinated by cars and their mechanics and given the opportunity, I would have experimented with them at a very tender age. As a fate would have it, my father who I doubt would have achieved this very delightful reality of owning an automobile, was retrenched from Hewlet and Packard, the computer giants. For months, things did not work out well for our family and I started getting frustrated. By then I was doing twelfth grade and my grades were started to tell of the domestic strain that affected my life and family as a result of my father’s incarceration. My dad was a computer specialist and had worked hard to provide for our family. I had never seen my father as a failure, and was certainly not going to see him quit…………ORDER NOW…..
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