Personal Fit Within an Organization

| June 19, 2015

Page one: Personal Fit Within an Organization
When envisioning and planning for the future, individuals develop a unique picture of the type of organization for which they

would like to work and the role they would assume within that organization. To select the job with the best organizational

fit, you must first know yourself and what types of factors are of high priority to you. Do you like the freedom to innovate

and work at your own pace? Do you like fast-paced work requiring quick decision making? Does an organization’s size matter to

you? Take a few minutes to review the following lists of companies representing a variety of categories. Consider the types

of organizations that are of most interest to you and where your skills would be best put to use. Could you see yourself

having a satisfying career in any of these organizations?
•    100 Best Companies to Work for

•    The Best Places to Work in the Federal Government

•    The Top 10 Small and Medium Companies to Work for

•    Best Nonprofits to Work for in 2011

To prepare for this first page, select two categories of organizations (e.g., for profit companies, government agencies,

small and medium businesses, and nonprofit organizations) from the websites above. Make your selections based on your future

career plans―what types of organization can you best see yourself joining? Select one organization from each of the two

categories that piques your interest. Then, further research the two organizations you selected, thinking about how you can

determine if a company is a good fit for who you are. What type of additional information would you want to know about an

organization before you accepted a position with them? What are some potential dangers of selecting a company based on the

types of data provided in these lists?
On your first page, write a one page cohesive and scholarly response based on your readings and research that addresses the

•    Provide a summary of your skills and your personal and career goals. Provide a description of the two organizations

that you selected and provide an evaluation of each, including why they are a good fit for you and how they align with your

goals and skills. Be sure to include the criteria you used and how you evaluated each organization using your criteria.

Finally, describe any challenges you experienced in performing this type of evaluation. This may include a discussion of

possible organizational aspects or unknowns that you foresee could pose challenges or cause your choice to be a bad fit.

Page two: Building and Managing Relationships
Consider the following thoughts from Henry Mintzberg, as he describes a common misconception about management:
“Folklore: Managing is mostly about hierarchical relationships between a ‘superior’ and ‘subordinates.’
Fact: Managing is as much about lateral relationships among colleagues and associates as it is about hierarchical

relationships” (Mintzberg, 2011, p. 28-29).
The ability to build strong relationships at all levels is an important skill for a manager. It requires time, conscious

effort, and a genuine concern for others. During this program, you have been introduced to a number of theories, practices,

and techniques to assist you with relationship-building.
For this page, you will review some of the key concepts and seminal ideas deliberated on in earlier courses. As you formulate

your answers, consider how your ideas have grown and evolved.
On your second page, write a one page a cohesive and scholarly response based on your readings and research that addresses

the following:
•    Describe at least three specific examples of how you currently build and nurture professional relationships and how

you will use these types of strategies to help you be a better manager and positively influence your career in the future.

Why is the ability to build strong personal and professional networks important to a manager, and how will you continue to

refine your skills in this area? How will these skills help you, as a manager, create or maintain a positive work



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