Personal Development Portfolio (PDP) part one report

| February 24, 2014

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As an intern at the Career Development Centre of the University of Westminster you have been asked to write a formal report called “Acquiring Business Communication Skills Necessary for Business Graduates”. This report is intended to explore and emphasise the value of business communication skills that the students of the Westminster Business School (WBS) will need to develop before they graduate in order to increase their career opportunities. This report is prepared primarily for the students of WBS, and also for the Career Development Centre advisers and for members of staff.
To prepare this report you are required to focus on the following:
• Identify and evaluate types of general communication skills
• Identify and evaluate types (or categories) of business communication skills
• Give examples of how communication skills can be used in business environment with references to reliable and relevant sources
• Give recommendations to the undergraduate students of WBS on how they can develop different business communication skills whilst they are studying different modules of their course
You are required to use the following sources of information:
Conrad, D. and Newberry, R. (2012). Identification and Instruction of Communication Skills for Graduate Business Education. Journal of Education for Business. Vol. 87, Issue 2, 2012.
Gallagher, K. (2013). Skills Development for Business and Management Students. Study and Employability. Chapter 4. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
In addition to a minimum of the above mentioned literature sources it is expected that students will also consult other reliable sources resulting in at least five different academic sources (e.g. academic journal articles and books) for their work. A minimum of eight relevant academic sources is expected to be referenced in the report for any coursework with a first grade mark.
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