persnal statment

| November 20, 2015
* Please use this area for your personal statement. Your essay should consist of a short autobiography and a statement of your educational plans and career goal one page personal statment


Name: Alwaleed Mohammed Abdulmosin

name of th collage thag iwant to apply in : glendale community college


Name of  high school: Dar Al-trbia Al-hadetha.


Major: business marketing


My goals: I want to improve my skills and knowledge and I want to take an advantage from the knowledge in my particular life. In addition, I want build my own business.


I’m international student I have a high school degree with 90%.


I chose The U.S because it has some universities with top ranking in the world in business major.


After that I want to go back to my country to take an advantage from this experience

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In the introduction, how has the writer tried to show that the problem is interesting, significant, and problematic? How could the writer engage you more fully with the initial problem?

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