Perhaps two of the most evident benefits to the digital economy are the speed at which companies can be formed and carried online, and the reach that each new endeavor may have should they wish to carry their operations globally. For this exercise, you will create your own company and take the first steps into the new market.

| May 20, 2014

Choose a business, describe it, describe your product and the typical users who would be interested in it; Utilizing tools such as Google Scholar and Scirus identify published material that describes the first steps taken by other companies within your market when it came to projecting their operations in the digital world; Utilizing tools such as Google identify other companies that may be competitors to you and describe their success or failure; Describe the steps you would take in order to get your endeavor started. You should identify at least three scholarly and independent sources utilizing services such as (but not limited to) Google, Google Scholar or Scirus over the Internet.

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Term Paper: Victoria(aus) Corporations Law
Explore the regulatory agencies, bodies that set policy and standards, related to required curriculum content and development. These agencies and bodies may include regulatory boards such as Boards of Nursing Florida, accreditation bodies such as NLNAC, and licensure and certification agencies. Describe their effect on curriculum development and revision, within your discipline.

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