Performance Measurement System

| July 20, 2015

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You are required to analyze the performance measurement system of a public sector “Emirates Red Crescent” and provide recommendations to the management of the organization to further improve their PM system. its should be focused on performance management linking HR performance to strategy (by identifying measures, benchmarking, KPIs etc. rather than discussing performance appraisal. 
(which includes the significance of your topic and why it is important to be studied)
2.Key research questions objectives 
3.Objective and aims of your report 
4.Literature Review 
(definition and theoretical aspects of the topic of your group assignment)
(explain how you have collected your data and discuss a brief profile of the organization that you have chosen for your project)
6.Data Analysis 
(provide empirical evidence linked to your topic from a local organization or international company operations in the UAE. Here you are expected to answer your key research questions and achieve the intended aims/objectives of your project).(interview – survey )
7.Discussion and Conclusions 
(you are expected to reflect on the key findings and more importantly your own learning from the group project and provide evidence that you have achieved the learning outcomes of the course)
( provide some suggestions to the management of the organization to improve the organizational efficiency and effectiveness) 
(cite your references both in the main text and in the list of references ) book and article – in accordance with the Harvard Referencing System). 

link for all information required about organization :-


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