Performance Management – Performance Appraisal Plan

| February 12, 2014

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Detailed Performance Appraisal Plan
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You have to design a Performance Appraisal Plan to conduct a performance appraisal meeting with an employee who hasn’t met their performance goals as set in the previous year.
Select one of the following two issues provided:
Option 1- Your subordinate hasn’t met their performance goals that were set for them.
Option 2- You have received complaints about one of your subordinates providing incorrect or false information to customer
You have to write a detailed Performance Appraisal plan on what kind of information and sources of information you will use and how you will be preparing for the meeting and what strategies you would use to communicate with the employee.
It?s not an essay or a report format, you need to write it like a plan it can be in point form for example:
Organizing a meeting with the subordinate two weeks in advance to give them enough notice to prepare for the meeting.
Prior to the meeting collect data from various sources etc.
Your task
Select the problem from the two options provided above
Read the chapter on providing effective performance review or developmental reviews.
Thoroughly plan how you would conduct the review meeting beginning with setting a meeting time to greeting and asking questions.
Explain exactly how will you approach the problems to resolve the issues
Explain how you will end the meeting if the issue is resolved or if the issue is not resolved
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