Performance Evaluation

| August 19, 2015

I need every chapter completed to be uploaded straight away in order to get a feedback from the supervisor, otherwise they will be no time to do a feedback for the whole work. Any feedback asked about a chapter should be made at time and uploaded again to make sure that every thing in the right track
Please put introduction and conclusion in both chapter 4 & 5.
I upload the proposal , literature review chapter and the methodology chapter as well as the interview questions and the questionnaire
At the end, please add all chapters you have done and I uploaded in one document, update table of contents and pages number after adding lists of figures and lists of tables.
Please put the interview questions, questionnaire in the appendices at the end of the work.
Finally, please make sure to complete the whole work on 5th September a latest

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Critically evaluate the belief that domestic leadership and international leadership essentially require different leadership abilities and competencies.
Managing People and Organizations


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