Perceptions of Employee Fringe Benefits

| February 14, 2014

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This is a methodology chapter.This is part of a research for Human resources degree.
I will carry out a research to find out what kind of employee benefit is most preferred and if employees favor a good work environment over and above benefits.
I will use qualitative methods by way of focus groups and interviews.Sample is 20 Employed adults of mixed gender and age.They are drawn from various types of jobs ,private and public sector:Nursing homes ,Pharmacists ,administrators,customer service representatives and caterers and a cleaner.Access to these respondents is easy as they belong to a church group to which I am a member also.
Instructions-Writer please address:
1- Why are interviews and focus groups suitable tools for qualitative method of research.
2- Ethical issues that may arise with interviews and focus groups
3- Analysis
In order to analyse my results, I will transcribe and code my interview and focus group results.Writer should mention issues that may arise and the best way to get effective results with references.
4- (A)Limitation of research design
Writer to state, typical problems that can impact on reliability of qualitative research.
(B)Type of bias that may occur
(C)How to address factors that can impact a researcher’s reliability and validity.
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