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| March 27, 2014

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In this activity, you will expand your knowledge of how the fine arts, particularly music, television, and film, have been criticized on issues of diversity. We have learned how some media have been blamed for fostering stereotypes, and this activity will allow you to contribute new information and ideas to the discussion.
The American film industry has been criticized for creating media stereotypes, and one group in Africa has produced a short video in an effort to address their concerns. View the video, African Men Hollywood Stereotypes, below:

After watching the video, respond to the following questions on the discussion board.
* Do you agree that films seem to stereotype African men? Why or why not?
* What are other films that portray people from countries outside the United States? Provide one or more examples of films that you believe perpetuate stereotypes and explain why.
* How might the motion picture industry in the United States address the concerns raised by critics who blame films for promoting stereotypes?
Be certain to provide a reference list in your posting and cite a minimum of two sources, including the African Men video link.
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How do the mission statements or initiatives of fine arts organizations help to promote diversity?


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