)perations and Enterprise Resource Planning

| February 15, 2014

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Assignment Brief:
You are acting in a consultancy capacity for a small SME and have been asked to trial and evaluate 3 software applications supplied by SAP and to make one recommendation to that Company, fully justifying your choice.
To evaluate benefits and drawbacks of SAP, you will need to base your assignment around a company from one of four sectors:
building services
media production
food and drink outlet
You will need to write a brief description of the company you are basing your work on. It can be a real company, perhaps somewhere you have worked, or where a friend or family work, or you can invent the firm. You will not need a lot of detail, but in order to justify your evaluation of SAP, you will want some specifics in mind. You should probably consider some relevant factors such as:
Stock: is it complex, is there much of it?
Staff: is there much turnover, are they specialized employees or interchangeable?
Customers: are there different categories? How much do you want to record about them?
Suppliers: do they vary or stay constant? Are there many?
activities: how might you measure how effective they are?
Assignment Deliverable:
An evaluation (1500 words) indicating the benefits and drawbacks of one of the applications that you think would be most useful to your SME. You should start with a brief description of the company you are basing your work on (at most 100 words). You may want to mention operations and processes at the business where your recommended software will be useful.
The main evaluation should address why and how the package will be useful to the company. You will need to provide a final paragraph explaining why you have not recommended the other 2 applications.
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