Pep Stores Business Strategy: A Case Study

| May 21, 2014

Pep Stores is a company owned by Pepkor, an investment company based in South Africa, and is renowned as a low price retailer for low-income consumers. The company covers a wide area of distribution consisting of 1400 stores across Africa, posting as the largest retailer of the same brand products in South Africa (De Wit and Meyer 759). The range of core products that Pep Stores deals with involves home essentials, which are part of the daily living for low-income consumers. These include textiles, clothing, and footwear, although recently, Pep has incorporated new home services like dishwashing, toiletries, household cleaners, baby products, and washing powders. As a privately owned investment by Pepkor, the chain has had a privilege of selling over 400 million units, with a turnover of R5.9 as at the year 2010 (De Wit and Meyer 759). Pep’s corporate performance has been enhanced through an outstanding strategic business plan over the years. The corporate strategies espoused include the low price to low income target market, outstanding company leadership, ongoing training of staff, changing with the consumer needs, customer care, an elaborate vision and mission, and the mapping of consumer trends in order to reposition the customer brands accordingly.

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