People, Environment and Business

Assessment guidelines

i. Formative Assessment>>> due in week 8
Draft Poster Research (individual submission)
• By end of week 2 you will be requested to select a topic, directly linked to the contents and objectives of this module.
• Topics you might wish to consider could be, for example:Money and Nature; Environmental and social impact of the diamond industry; How can deliberate economic influences such as grants and incentives on farming/agriculture/fisheries affect what is grown/harvested; Landfill taxes; The tobacco industry; Peak Oil; Water: The fur industry; Detergents; Fuels for airlines; Advantages and disadvantages of wind farms; Tidal power; The sustainability of ore mining; Marble; Gold; Sustaining the textile industry.
• You can either focus on a specific situation (e.g. you own home town or country) or focus on a broader approach to the topic in general terms.
• Probably the easiest (but not necessarily the only one) way to develop your coursework is to select a specific business case and evaluate it against all the data you collect during your further research.
• Please note that, whatever your choice, your coursework must relate to specific business practices/ industries and it has to clearly identify how that specific business industry impacts on the natural environment and on society. Highlight what are the key issues (hazards, risks, impacts) it triggers, when did these issues start to become a serious worry and why, and what measures did the business come up with to minimize or avoid those issues once they were identified. You should also consider reflecting briefly on what the specific business/industry might implement to reduce their further impact on natural resources and contribute to generate societal well-being.
• You are expected to use your time wisely and start independent secondary research, i.e. using books, notes, journals, and any other documents that may help you gather enough information and illustrative case studies on the topic on which you may base your arguments.
• This will serve as the basis for your summative assessment.
• Feedback will be provided if you submit your research data and the intended outline of your Poster via Turnitinwithin the set deadline.

ii. Summative Assessment>>> due in week 10
Poster: 100% TMM (individual submission)
• An individual thematic poster which should summarize visually (and further sustained by your own 3-minute presentation) the research you did for the formative assessment.
• It is to be presented in class in the form of a Wall Poster (printed or “glued patchwork” A1 size paper/card).
• You will have 3 minutes to summarize your ideas and present your findings. This will be followed by 2 minutes Q&As from your colleagues and the lecturers.
• This assessment should reflect the depth and focus of your research, and clearly show the extent to which you gained further knowledge and understanding of the issues that are core to this module. It is also meant to indicate to what extent you used your own critical evaluation of the situations analysed.
• The Poster should aim to reflect your own perception of sustainability (environmental and social aspects) and its relevance to the business and economic matrix; it will also give you the opportunity to explore a holistic approach of topics and use skills such as qualitative and quantitative analysis.
• Bibliography (i.e. the full list of sources analysed) is to be included (it can be attached to the back of the Poster) using the Harvard referencing style.
• Consider checking on what the learning outcomes of the module are, as they will all be evaluated during this Poster presentation.

Assessment Criteria and their weighting
Visual layout, structure and relevance of the Poster
In-depth level of the analysis
Coherence (including selection of illustrative case studies)
Critical overview
Presentation and argumentative skills
Bibliography (using Harvard referencing system)

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