Peer Evaluation

| September 15, 2016

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Peer Evaluation
In addition, each member must submit an anonymous written peer evaluation, as an appendix to their individual reflection paper. This evaluation should explain the proportionate contribution of each member in 100-125 words each (including self), and the grade each member deserves, supported by specific examples, related to the following four aspects:
a) What were the main contributions of this member? (e.g. research, group harmony, scheduling, organization, writing, oral, visual, etc.)
b) In what ways this member contributed to the growth of other members?
c) In what ways did this member show growth based on the feedback received and otherwise?
d) In what areas, this member may improve in future?
Each member may receive different grades for the term paper assignment based on the instructor’s assessment of the evidence on the contributions and leadership of each member.
This is a management class, our group work include (simulation game, group presentation, group paper)each member made big and equal effort in group work, and get 100 points.just follow the example?peer assignment? I attached.
total 4 members include me. (you should write 100 words for each other 3 members and 100 words for me. )
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