PCR and LacOperon

| March 27, 2015

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This is a lab report that will be combining two labs I will attach both of the labs protocols and the outline of the the lab report the highlighted sections require the results and I will complete those.

SECTION B: PCR Amplification of Alu Sequences



Q1) What was the annealing temperature that was programmed into our thermocycler? Why was this temperature chosen?


Q2) Calculate the melting temperature of each of the following primers;


Forward Primer         5’-GGA TCT CAG GGT GGG TGG CAA TGC T-3’

Reverse Primer        5’-GAA AGG CAA GCT ACC AGA AGC CCC AA-3’


Tm = [2°C x (A+T)] + [4°C x (G+C)]


Show your calculations.


ACTIVITY B2:PCR Movie or online animations


  1. Watch the PCR movie at http://youtu.be/iQsu3Kz9NYo
  2. After watching the movie, answer the following three questions.




Q1.  After which PCR cycle do you obtain a target sequence of the appropriate sizes


Q2.  Starting with 1 DNA template molecule, how many copies of the target DNA do you obtain after 25 cycles?  And 35 cycles?


Q3.  Starting with 1 DNA template molecule, how many variable-length DNA fragments do you obtain after 25 cycles?  And 35 cycles?






SECTION C: Electrophoresis of Amplified DNA


Comprehension Questions:

Q1. What is a polymorphism?



Q2. How is Taq DNA polymerase different from DNA polymerase found in E. coli?


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