Payroll Recruitment management system

| November 27, 2015


Question 1 Status: Returned – please review
Assessor Comment: An employer has 2? days to pay the penalty in the infringement notice.
Research and provide answers to the following:
If a Fair Work Inspector issues an organisation with an infringement notice for failing to meet their record-keeping obligations, how long does the organisation have to pay the penalty?

Question 2 Status: Returned – please review
Assessor Comment: Organisations can use electronic payment methods such as:
• direct credit
• direct debit
• ??
What methods of payment will the ATO accept for PAYG payments from organisations?

Question 1 Status: Returned – please review
Assessor Comment: All employers must forward PAYG Payment Summaries to their employees by 14th July each year.
Employers must:
• forward copies of Payment Summaries and supporting information to the tax office by the ??? August each year
• pay any outstanding superannuation liability for the payroll year must be paid into the superannuation fund by 30th June
What are some of the important dates that employers should abide by when issuing PAYG Payment Summaries?

Manage Recruitment Selection and Induction Processes

Status: Returned – please review
Assessor Comment: Please expand for me..

1.Which training method should be used to communicate changes to policies and/or procedures?

2.Why is it necessary in the recruitment and selection process to develop and use appropriate person and position descriptors?

3.List the main steps required to develop a recruitment, selection and/or induction policy or procedure.?

4.What are some points to consider when communicating changes to policies or procedures?

Manage an Information or Knowledge Management System

Question 1 Status: Returned – please review
Assessor Comment: Please list the acts…
What are the Commonwealth and state legislations in place to protect the privacy and information of individuals and organizations?


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