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| October 30, 2014

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Literature Review
You have to write a literature review (12-15 double-space pages with 12 font size) on a topic related to your concentration area ( in my case: Pay for Performance in the public sector / concentration: Human resources).
To write a good literature review:
• Pick an important topic and stay focused as you select the literature ( Pay for Performance in Public sector)
• This is not a thesis and you should narrow the scope
• A well-organized paper will be organized into parts that include:
1. Introduction: clearly state your topic, its importance to the field, and the outline of your paper
2. Body: review the sources you have selected and organize your discussion according to publication chronology, approaches, trends, themes, methods, or theories
3. Conclusion: discuss what you have drawn from the literature review
4. Bibliography
• Because your paper is longer than the annotated bibliographies, you may be able to delve a bit more into the details of the various approaches, methods, and theories that you have reviewed
• Your literature review should discuss where the field started and where it is today, including the most important works in between
• You may find that some early literature is discredited by later research
• As you write your literature review, discuss whether this is a field with coherent theories, approaches and/or models or if this is a disjointed, contentious field
• Your review should be clearly written and free of grammatical/spelling errors
Your literature review is due in class on December 10, 2014. No late work will be accepted. Each student will prepare an executive summary of the paper (double-space, 2 pages or less) and make copies for distribution to each person in your concentration area. The executive summary should include your topic, main findings, conclusion, and bibliography.
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PayPal Acceptance Mark

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The Topic is on The Criminalization of Poverty: Welfare Reform and the Policing of Welfare in Canada.
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