Pastor and the Disciple-Making Church

| March 23, 2015

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Begin to formulate your personal biblical theology of teaching in Christian education–in the arena of the local church. Your paper should reflect critical thinking and synthesis of material gathered in reading, in Scripture, and in the class notes. Additional sources may be required. You are asked to reflect upon the biblical and theological content and provide practical application to ministry. Your target audience is the lay-persons in the church—those who are servant leaders in a teaching ministry position.

The paper will express your personal philosophy of biblical and theological foundations for ministry in the church. Beginning with Disciple-making in the church, (week 6) through Pastor and Disciple-making church (week 8) articulate the role of the church in Christian education.

The grade for this assignment will be based on thoroughness, biblical references, appropriately cited sources, application of the content to ministry, and professional writing style.

Compile your paper using the notes you have made in your notebook. Integrate the text reading, the class notes, and your personal experiences to draw practical applications for the local church.


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