Part I. Online Market Assessment

| October 23, 2015

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Part I. Online Market Assessment

Choose a product that you are interested in selling online. Select a couple of key words, which well represent the product.


  1. Write down the best key word among them in your opinion. Run Google’s keyword tool (“Search for new keywords using a phrase…” under the keyword planner in to get a list of related key words and number of searches. Sort them by the number of local search and download them to a spread sheet (e.g., MS Excel). Delete irrelevant key words from the list. Write down the top 10 relevant keywords, number of searches for each key word, and the total number of searches for the top 10 key words. (2 points)
  2. Check the trend of searching your key words using Google trend tool. Describe the trend of the search volume over the last 5 (or 10) years (e.g., increase, decrease, or stable). (2 points)
  3. Estimate average cost per click at an average ad position 3 for the key words (using “Get click and cost performance forcasts” under the key word planner in  (2 points)
  4. Write down how many competitors who advertise in your market (i.e., the number of sponsored links when you enter your key words in Google and the number of competitors in Google search, Amazon, eBay, etc.). (2 points)
  5. Based on the results above, write down your conclusion of your assessment regarding the size of the online market (e.g., the online market is large, medium, small, or too small to sustain). Justify your conclusion. Make sure to include the results of question 1, 2, 3, and 4 above in your justifications (one point per inclusion of results of each question) (7 points)




  1. The paper should not be longer than four (4) pages (excluding a cover page, references, and appendix). This is not an essay assignment. No introduction is required. Start with a question number and then write your answers.
  2. All written work should be of professional quality. Your answer will be evaluated based on soundness of your justifications and supporting references. Your arguments should be logical and you should provide sources of evidence in the argument. If you cannot communicate clearly, the quality of your ideas will not be apparent. Written work should be designed for ease of reading. Choose clear fonts in a suitable size, for example – Times New Roman at 12 pt (nothing smaller, please!). Use 1.5 line spacing, with at least 1.9 cm margins at the left, right, top and bottom of the page. Any work that exceeds the specified maximum size will be ignored. Modern word processing software includes tools such as spelling and grammar checkers that can help ensure the quality of your work. Up to 10% of the maximum mark for any assignment may be deducted for errors in spelling and/or grammar.
  3. Make sure that the paper is written by your own words and that all the references used need to be explicitly described in the body and at the end of the paper.

Example of citation: (Use the reference format below. APA format is also acceptable)

< In the body of the paper>

The Bootstrapping approach was applied to estimate the significance of the path (Chin 2000; Cook and Luo 2003; Cooper et al. 1995).

<Reference at the end of the paper>

Chin, W. W. “Frequently Asked Questions – Partial Least Squares & PLS-Graph,” 2000., accessed on September 16, 2003.

Cook, D. P. and Luo, W. “The Role of Third-Party Seals in Building Trust Online,” e-Service Journal, (2:3), 2003, pp. 71-84.

Cooper, D. R., Gefen, D. and Emory, C. W. Business Research Methods, 5th ed., IRWIN, U.S.A., 1995.

 (This assignment is worth 3 % of your total mark.)

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